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inspired lace: cal lane






many of you reading out there may have seen this spectacular work already, as it has been featured on enough blogs that i can't trace where i originally found it. be that as it may, cal lane is a sculptor custom-made for found object. the most stunning photos of her work can be viewed here, on her personal website. 

i've placed her dirt installation work at the top because i find them the most compelling. i love to see art that embraces the temporal, that captures a moment that can only be fleeting in the big picture. as much as i am attached to objects, conceptually i love installations even more. at the end of the show, you sweep your dirt into a bin and print the photographs. it's brilliantly freeing. for many years i was an installation artist and found working in that site-specific, temporary way was deeply satisfying. sometime i'll have to get my slides of older work scanned into digital so i can share the images with you.

back to cal lane, the second image from the top is something she calls a rust print. using the natural tendency for steel to leach pigment onto any surface it touches while wet, the artist has created these beautiful prints on paper. as i've been soaking the prints in the past few days, i've been inspired to experiment with something similar, using the tea leaves from the many cups of green tea i am drinking per day in my quest to defeat the turnip. more on that project later.

the last images shown here are the pieces getting the most play for cal lane on other blogs: the cut lace steel works. absolutely beautiful, to be certain. however, i particularly like the more abstract car part pieces you'll see on her website, you can see my favorite here. the shovels and wheelbarrow are startling and cool the first time you see them, but i'm left wanting something that takes me deeper into the experience, myself. i'd love the opportunity to see them in person, where i am sure the detail will deliver more to discover.

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I'm kicking myself that my white post don't end til Feb, i hope I remember to post about this when they stop

January 17, 2008 | Unregistered Commentercally

I love those shovels! I think I saw them in World of Interiors a few months back.

January 21, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterPassementerie

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