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saying yes: the gluten-free girl


as you may know, i find inspiration all around me. in nature, poking into corners of the world via the internet and often, in the people that come into my life.

this week, i had the deep pleasure of meeting shauna james ahern, who writes the marvelous blog, gluten-free girl. she's just published her very first book, pictured above. shauna's been a blogging crush of mine for months now and i was thrilled to meet her in person at piece of cake bakery in sellwood. she's currently on book tour and you can check her whole schedule here. if you can catch her and the chef (her husband) hosting a cooking class near you -go!

reading shauna's words at the blog, gluten-free girl, is a regular shot of inspiration on how to live, love, how to eat healthy while still experiencing the sensuality of food and most of all, how to say yes. yes to life and yes to taking leaps of faith, yes to trusting your gut and yes to feeding yourself well on every level. if the blog is the window into her world, the book is that door thrown wide open. her book is delicious reading and i highly recommend it. shauna is a marvel of a storyteller and offers something satisfying to all, even if gluten allergies are not your issue. 

i've been endlessly inspired as a writer, a blogger and as a sometime food photographer, by shauna's work. i suspected as much as much for a long while, but now meeting shauna, and then diving into her wonderful book, i quickly realize she's a kindred spirit. i was that same teenage girl, curled up with a good book and dreaming about writing one of my own someday. on her blog, shauna is able to strike a lovely balance of contagious optimism and a frank sharing of the struggles involved with taking the risks required to live a life worth living. a full life as an independent writer, a new wife, a gluten-free girl blooming with good health.

bravo, shauna! on the new book and the very best of wishes for a successful book tour. i'll be reading and playing with the recipes...

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