Simple sweetness has power in it

Even though I am "offically" out of business, I do still have some remaining inventory of the sweet silver affirmation rings. They are simple, powerful objects to inspire, remind and affirm you. (or perhaps someone you love?) They look gorgeous stacked like in the photo, or perfect as a single ring. I wear mine on my left thumb, where I can always see it.

Beautiful body, mine says. It's good to remember that after healing from cancer.

I am sure there is a message that will speak to you, so go take a peek. Only about 100 are left, in various sizes and messages. Special pricing for the holidays as well. Click over to my etsy shop to get them before they go!


Mexico City: delights in the President's garden

The spiky, Dr. Suessian giant agave plants towered above me, but directly in the line of sight was color...

and texture...and magic...


Cholula, Mexico: shadows and ghosts

Like everything we humans create, this grave marker was at one time, long ago...pristine and new...The craftsmen that cast the decorative bronze boarder, the person that carved the marble, the mason that set the pieces in place looked upon their work with pride...But centuries pass, and even the graves of important people get neglected...moss grows and carvings crumble plates are washed away in floods or looted by the hungry...people forget, but given enough time, nature remembers to return and always reclaims her real estate...One moment in the beautiful decay of a grave shows only shadows of what was...and merely hints at what ghosts may linger nearby...


Mexico: hardware

A gorgeous city bursting with colonial-era buildings like Puebla, Mexico is a treasure trove for those easily swayed by the charms of metalwork. You don't have to spend much time looking at this blog to know that I am solidly among that number. During my month in Puebla, I caressed many door knockers...put my eye up to ancient keyholes... and held the weight of some very fine padlocks.


Mexico: ancient power at Teotihuacan

Central Mexico is full of powerful ancient sites with amazing ruins. And even though these are remains of peoples long dead, there is life is a place pulsing with life. The pyramids at Teotihuacan took my breath away with their energy and their enormous size.

Teotihuacan as a city, thrived for 800 years. The home of a highly cultured, evolved population, not unlike New York City, for example. One wonders if NYC will last as long as Teotihuacan...

The society of Teotihuacan folded many years before the Europeans came to Mexico. Greece fell, and so did Rome. The British used to be the ultimate world power. History tells the stories of societies that rose to power then eventually fell and were conquered or simply disappeared.Looking at myself, complete with touristy sunhat and a happy smile...I wonder about the tourists that will visit our ruins...